Friday, April 20, 2007


Nothing new and exciting jumped out at me today, except for that rates came down a little this week, so I thought in honor of Friday I'd share a favorite joke : ) A Mortgage broker dies and meets St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter tells him since his behavior has been marginal that he could choose for himself between heaven or hell. The broker asks if he can check each place out before he decides and St. Peter agrees. They go in to see heaven first. The streets are lined with lavish homes, lush gardens, and luxury cars. Nothing but the picture perfect life that one might dream of. Then the broker and St. Peter go to check out hell. There were good looking people everywhere, a full buffet, every top shelf booze you could imagine. Everyone is having a great time. The broker who would love either place wants to think about it until tomorrow and St. Peter agrees. The broker comes back the next day and lets St. Peter know that he has chosen hell. St Peter asks, "Are you sure?" but the broker is very confident. So St. Peter escorts the broker down to hell, it is now engulfed in flames and everyone is being tortured. The broker says to St. Peter, "What happened? It was a huge party!" St. Peter turns to the broker and says, "You should have locked yesterday."

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