Thursday, May 24, 2007

An open letter to Legislature and fellow Oregonians

Please support the UFL-sponsored amendment in regards to Senate Bill 965. As both a consumer and a licensed mortgage loan originator I fail to see how passing the bill as it is currently written will protect those for whom it was written. I have worked in the financial industry for the last 14 years with consumers who have fallen prey to the types of lenders this bill is intended to impact and in my opinion that is where we must continue our focus. The compliance of “originators and lenders” under the current laws must be strengthened before new and unobtainable laws are rushed into. This bill if passed as is will place a larger burden on current regulation and force our local economy into further crisis by taking away many of loan programs that are imperative to sustain Oregon’s housing market. This so called Home Loan Fairness Act is an oxy-moron at best, please take to heart our efforts and replace the current bill with one that will truly protect Oregonians.


Corri Klebaum
Mortgage Consultant
Sunrise Mortgage
301 Warner Milne Rd
Oregon City, Or 97045
(503) 722-1540

Senator Ron Wyden
Senator Gordon H. Smith
Representative Darlene Hooley
Senator Kurt Schrader
Representative Wayne Scott

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