Friday, June 15, 2007

Senate Bill 965: What can you do now?

At this time only constituents of the seven rules committee members are being asked to kindly contact their reps and remind them of the devastating effects this bill will have on Oregon. Diane Rosenbaum, Chair D-Portland District 42 Vicki Berger, Vice-Chair R-Salem District 20 (at last count a NO) Peter Buckley, Vice-Chair D-Ashland District 5 Sal Esquivel R-Medford District 6 (at last count a NO) Dave Hunt D-Clackamas County District 40 Arnie Roblan D-Coos Bay District 9 (a tough nut to crack) Kim Thatcher R-Keizer District 25 (at last count a NO) Not sure if you are a constituent? Find your Legislator

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