Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paris Hilton trumps SB 965

The bill was scheduled for a work session yesterday June 20th with the House Elections, Ethics and Rules committee but later removed from the agenda. In an E-mail today from Representative Wayne Scott, House Republican Leader, I am told

...SB 965 is still in the House Elections, Ethics & Rules Committee and as of today no further action is scheduled. Until the legislature adjourns (which we believe will be next week) any bill can come up for a hearing without much notice ... however I don't believe SB 965 has the votes to pass. This bill is on my "watch" list and I will carefully monitor any and all activity on it. I do not support this bill!

To further support the arguments against Senate Bill 965 it is holding true that Mortgage Brokers will encounter difficulty complying with this law to keep their surety bond intact per this letter from the SFAA.
I am frustrated with the lack of press this bill is getting considering the severity of its outcome. The title says it all.

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