Friday, June 15, 2007

Senate Bill 965 referred to Rules 6/14

Here is where we stand as of yesterday June 14th:
06/14 (H) Third reading.
06/14 (H) Motion to refer to Elections, Ethics and Rules carried. Referred. Ayes, 42; Nays, 16--Barker, Berger, Boquist, Butler, Cameron, Flores, Garrard, Hanna, Jenson, Krummel, Nelson, Olson, Richardson, Scott, Smith P., Whisnant; Excused, 2--Cannon, Morgan.
The following is an e-mail I received from the OAMP: 10:35 AM, Senate Bill 965 was referred to the House Rules Committee, as we have anticipated for the past ten days. House Consumer Protection Committee Chair Hovey, in speaking on the bill prior to the vote to refer, acknowledged that there were a few provisions in the bill in its current form that would bring “unanticipated problems.” He went on to say that “quick amendments will take care of those problems and everybody can get on the train.” We are quite aware that a few “quick amendments” will not solve the myriad of problems that SB 965 would cause, and remain strongly opposed to the bill’s being amended, sent to the House for a vote, then returned to the Senate for their action. Though it’s “not over until it’s over,” when the legislature has adjourned for the session without passage of the bill in any form, your OAMP legislative team has been and will remain in contact with all Rules Committee members. As a result, we remain cautiously optimistic that the bill will not leave the Rules Committee, and that the issues of mortgage reform and consumer protection without devastating side-effects on both consumers and the mortgage industry will be addressed responsibly by all parties during the interim period between this and future sessions. Tom Hendrickson OAMP Legislative Chair

Helpful Link: Glossary of Legislative Terms

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