Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh what to do with my kicker refund!?

thanks for voting!
After visiting Oregon's Department of Revenue Kicker Calculator I am now eagerly anticipating my kicker refund (okay honey, "our")... I had to include paying extra to the mortgage so that this post was somewhat relevant to the blog but personally I am undecided. Maybe I will spread it out a little... Dinner at Jake's, a deep tissue massage, a few extra packages under the tree? Hmmm! I read that the average refund was $285, although mine was significantly higher and I would lump myself among the average tax bracket. The checks are to be mailed by December 15th unless you filed late. Do beware there are scammers out there offering direct deposit of your check and asking for your bank info. Also if you have moved be sure to tell ODOR, refer to ODOR's website for more info.

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