Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ten things I learned during my summer hiatus from blogging.

In no particular order whatsoever... I have been focusing on a few other things in the most recent months and blogging has definately been put on the back burner. The list might give you some insight, if not feel free to ask... No, I didn't have any more kids :)

1. Family + Money = Bad Combination

2. During a crisis you find out who your friends really are. Thank you, tremendously.

3. Good things do happen to good people.

4. There is some wheelin' and dealin' to be done in this market!

5. VA Loans ROCK!

6. Pricing kitchen cabinets at IKEA or anywhere for that matter is better done without the kids.

7. Taking time to wander down to the ol swimmin hole with the fam when it's 103 is a good thing.

8. Always clean excess mastic from inbetween tiles before it dries.

9. I will take refinished 40 year old hardwood floors over newly installed anyday.

10. Never, and I really mean never, flip a lightswitch on whilst holding a steel wool pad in the same hand.

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