Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fresh Online Money Management... WHAT!?

In looking to find a few ways to save some money in the ol' budget I came across a website that has already changed my life... No not Facebook! Although my husband might argue that ;) All of your accounts in one place. Easy! Cool! Fresh! Just sign up and start adding your accounts. Whether it is a retirement, savings, checking, mortgage, auto loan, or credit card account. It updates your information, imports your transactions, and categorizes your spending. I have one account that is giving me a little grief but I am certain I can get it sorted out. You will spend a little time editing a couple merchants I am sure, but they do recognize Starbucks and even have "Coffee Shop" as a preset category. You can also compare your spending against your local and national averages. I can't wait to get more depth in my own spending to see how I stack up. All in all I love it and being that I have spent the last 15 years counseling others regarding their financial well being I can finally feel confident I can get past dreading the managing of my own.
*I would also recommend using an extra beefy password and maybe even go as far as establishing a new email account unknown to anyone.

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