Monday, April 12, 2010

Breath in Faith, Breath out Fear.

This past year I have spent assisting one of our Branch Managers and also acting as support for the other Loan Officers in our office here in Oregon City. I am very grateful for the experience which has been the foundation for new friendships, networking opportunities, and training that is hard to come by in this industry. I have found it necessary to take a step back so that I can better focus on my individual growth within my career as a Mortgage Consultant here with Sunrise. So many changes have come about in this last year where I have had the notion but never quite the time to blog about it. I have missed it and I look forward to logging in and posting with less randomness in the future. A quote from a realtor on a flipping show (long ago obviously) has stuck with me "Breath in Faith, Breath out Fear." This has been my mantra these days... Pray with me unless you are not one to believe in prayer then I will gratefully accept "Good Luck" :)

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  1. has been with me too. It really touched me.