Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oregon City Jughandle Project Time Lapse

In case you don't already know we think Oregon City, Oregon is kind of a big deal. Not only is Oregon City the End of the Oregon Trail but it was the State Capital before being moved to Salem in 1855, and is home to the legendary Oregon City Girls Basketball Program of which I am a proud sponsor. We've been making news again with the closure of Hwy 213 one of Oregon's busiest freeway exchanges. The junction between I-205 and Hwy 213 was closed for 4 days while construction crews moved a new bridge into place that they had build alongside of the freeway. The closure was dubbed "Carmageddon" by us locals as we planned for long delays and short fuses. We survived... there were a few traffic snarls but for the most part I think all went fairly well and the highway was reopened ahead of schedule. 

The project was filmed using time lapse images, OBEC Construction Engineers published this remarkable video documenting the event.  Pretty impressive!

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