Friday, January 15, 2016

"Tell 'em what they've won Bob!"

Well, I didn't win the record setting Powerball so here I am, back at work... asking you for your business. 

Do you find it ironic how a one in 292,000,000 chance at $1.5 billion sparks the community, but the normal day-to-day conversation about the fostering of actual money is lost on people? Now all of a sudden, all we can talk about is how everyone would handle it. Everyone is bragging about how they would be smart with their money, weigh annuities versus cash options, educate themselves and learn how to get the most out of it. Experts come out and give their advice… and only now does it go viral. 

My question is why isn't everyone talking about it when it's not a windfall? Tax shelters, debt structure, philanthropy, annuities, mutual funds, ETF, IRA, RMD, ROI -- The list goes on. You don't really hear folks talking about all of these terms until a huge amount of money is involved. All these things you say you would do if you won... Why not get started now? Meet with an advisor, plan for taxes, better structure your debt, give more, live within a budget, work harder towards retirement... simply set your goals and work toward them. You don't have to come in to fast money to gain financial security; the security is gained from putting a plan into action with the income you've already been blessed with. 

I guess it's easier for most to manage imaginary money than it is to manage real money. Perhaps our society is broken and disillusioned when the almighty dollar is involved. The population in general needs a reality check... there's your real prize. Now go, take care of it!

What's the disclaimer? "Lottery games are based on chance, should be played for entertainment only and should not be played for investment purposes." Well, I've definitely been entertained! Not to mention the fifteen seconds of stress relief that follows each fantastical dollar spent as I banter with friends and strangers alike... just dreaming about what we could do with that kind of money. [SIGH] There is my take away... That and maybe a glimmer of hope. Hope for "the masses" to open their eyes to all that they've been blind to... even if "the masses" might include me.  

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